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    Added support for direct state access · d3706471
    Robert Menzel authored
    * Added support for direct state access based uniform setting in the ShaderProgram
    * functions from the EXT_direct_state_access extension can get emulated if the extension is not present
      in this case ACGL will map the simulated versions automatically to the *EXT function pointers
      so a programmer can just call the *EXT versions and doesn't have to care if the machine the code
      will get run on does support this extension (as long a simulated version already exists)
    * not all functions have emulated version right now, so check if an alternative exists before relying on
      functions from this extension in ACGL lib or implement the missing simulation function to support
      machines without this extension
    * all glProgramUniform functions can be emulated (plus some others that were quick to implement)
    * dummy functions for all other simulation functions exist