Commit 66a9877f authored by Lars Krecklau's avatar Lars Krecklau
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Added support for changing the control points of a NURBS curve (closes #63).

parent 0191bfdf
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ public:
const std::vector<NURBSControlPointType>& getControlPoints (void) const { return mControlPoints; }
const std::vector<float>& getKnots (void) const { return mKnots; }
NURBSControlPointType& getControlPointAt (typename std::vector<NURBSControlPointType>::size_type _i) { return mControlPoints[_i]; }
float& getKnotAt (typename std::vector<float>::size_type _i) { return mKnots[_i]; }
void insertKnot(float _t)
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