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make ColorSpace an enum class

parent e5e22691
......@@ -13,11 +13,11 @@
namespace ACGL{
namespace OpenGL{
enum ColorSpace
enum class ColorSpace
//! Recommends an OpenGL internal format for a given pair of format and color spaces
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ public:
virtual ~TextureData(void)
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ void registerTextureLoadFunction(std::vector<std::string> _endings, TextureLoadF
void unregisterTextureLoadFunction(TextureLoadFuncPtr _function);
//! generic load function that will use one of the loading functions below based on the file ending
SharedTextureData loadTextureData(const std::string &_filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureData loadTextureData(const std::string &_filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
//! generic save function that will use one of the saving functions below based on the file ending
bool saveTextureData(const SharedTextureData &_textureData, const std::string &_filename);
......@@ -59,21 +59,21 @@ inline bool saveScreenshotWithDate( const std::string& _fileEnding = "png" ) {
//! loads from a PNG using the simple lodepng library
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromLodepng(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromLodepng(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
//! loads various formats from the QT library
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromQT(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromQT(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
//! loads RGBE aka Radiance files
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromRGBE(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromRGBE(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
//! loads EXR / OpenEXR files iff the library is present AT RUNTIME (linux only)
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromEXR(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromEXR(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
//! loads PNM / PPM files:
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromPNM(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureData loadTextureDataFromPNM(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
// library specific save
......@@ -21,13 +21,13 @@ namespace ACGL{
namespace OpenGL{
//! loads the texture and creates mip maps
SharedTexture2D loadTexture2D(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTexture2D loadTexture2D(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
//! loads the texture including mipmaps from a DDS file
//! supports DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5 compression
SharedTexture2D loadTexture2DFromDDS (const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTexture3D loadTexture3DFromDDS (const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureCubeMap loadTextureCubeMapFromDDS(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTexture2D loadTexture2DFromDDS (const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTexture3D loadTexture3DFromDDS (const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
SharedTextureCubeMap loadTextureCubeMapFromDDS(const std::string& _filename, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT);
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ GLenum recommendedInternalFormat(GLenum _format, ColorSpace _colorSpace)
case COLOR_SPACE_SRGB: return formatToSRGB(_format);
case ColorSpace::SRGB: return formatToSRGB(_format);
default: return _format;
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ using namespace nv_dds;
namespace {
GLenum getDDSInternalFormat(bool compressed, GLenum format, ColorSpace _colorSpace = COLOR_SPACE_AUTO_DETECT)
GLenum getDDSInternalFormat(bool compressed, GLenum format, ColorSpace _colorSpace = ColorSpace::AUTO_DETECT)
GLenum internal_format = format;
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