Commit a5020002 authored by Janis Born's avatar Janis Born
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add hotfix addressing OSX bug in glDrawBuffers

parent 2b58beab
......@@ -154,6 +154,19 @@ void FrameBufferObject::remapAttachments()
// end debug
bind(); // glDrawBuffers will get part of the FBO state!
#ifdef __APPLE__
// Somehow, Apple's current (OSX 10.7) OpenGL implementation skips over all
// GL_NONE entries in the bufferMappings array if the only color attachment
// specified is GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0.
// This however causes that no change from the initial FBO state is
// detected when the only color attachment should be assigned to a FragData
// location other than 0.
// Hotfix: Temporarily set all draw buffers to GL_NONE before setting the
// actual configuration:
glDrawBuffers(0, (GLenum*)NULL);
#endif // __APPLE__
glDrawBuffers( maxColorBuffers, bufferMappings );
delete[] bufferMappings;
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