Commit f7343897 authored by Robert Menzel's avatar Robert Menzel
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clearified the usage of the ACGL types

parent 34f85caf
......@@ -11,11 +11,8 @@
namespace ACGL{
* If you want to guarantee a specific size for ints use the {u}intN_t .
* If you want a flexible precision on a per-application base, use the
* byte/short/int/long_t types. This way you can typedef long_t to 32 bit
* ints on plattforms that don't support native 32 bit ints.
* Our datatypes have fixed bit width like the C99 types from stdint,
* ours are just nicer to read ;-)
typedef int8_t byte_t;
typedef uint8_t ubyte_t;
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