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      small fix to compile on clang · bb394ec4
      Robert Menzel authored
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      Initial commit of internal OpenGL loader. · 68912e1a
      Robert Menzel authored
      This loader gets the OpenGL function pointers and checks for extensions. It is an alternative to GLEW and has the advantage that it works out of the box on MacOS with a core profile and also allows only to include the defines and function declarations of a specific OpenGL version. This way the usage of 'wrong' functions can get caught during compile time (e.g. when developing for 3.2 on a machine that supports GL 4+). GLEW can still be used if desired!
      The loader code is based on a modified output of glLoadGen (1.0.3), a bunch of LUA scripts that create the loader code. It's not a ready to use external library so the resulting code gets embedded directly into ACGL.
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      -Created the RenderObject from the State. The RenderObject now only composes... · d9ad3dcc
      Lars Krecklau authored
      -Created the RenderObject from the State. The RenderObject now only composes VBOs, SPOs and FBOs and automatically creates the right mappings between them.
      -Removed the pre processor from the shader class, since we now only work with the gl getters to retrieve any locations (uniform, attribute, fragdata).
      -The ShaderProgram controllers have the possibility to define the order of the attributes manually (so the programmer can work with conventions).
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      Added the class State to the framework in order to manage combinations of... · 269a6c27
      Andreas Neu authored
      Added the class State to the framework in order to manage combinations of VertexBuffer, FrameBuffer and ShaderProgram.
      The class automatically creates a mapping between the attributes of vertexbuffers and shaders.
      Furthermore a mapping between FragDatas of shaders and rendertargets of framebuffers are created.
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      Added more error checks, comments, minor bugfixes · 3541659a
      Robert Menzel authored
      * Added additional OpenGL error checks
      * OpenGL error checks are better usable with namespaces
      * Removed checks for OpenGL objects == 0 which would get ignored by OpenGL anyway and are rare
      * Added comments
      * improved OpenGL ES compatibility
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