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      Moved objects · 6c294ed8
      Robert Menzel authored
      OpenGL/Objects now only contains wrappers of OpenGL objects, all higher-level objects are moved to OpenGL/HiLevelObjects. Also moved LocationMappings to OpenGL/Data.
      OpenGL/Objects.hh still includes the high-level stuff. In the hi-level collection multiple alternative concepts can be collected to achieve similar functionality (Uniform objects instead of UniformBuffers for example) which is fine but should not lead to confusion that just the OpenGL objects in Objects/ are the main building blocks on which the HiLevelObjects/ rely on.
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      cleanups · e542cd55
      Robert Menzel authored
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      FrameBufferObject: · 59980a01
      Janis Born authored
          * remove unused mBufferMappings
          * warn when mapping multiple locations to same attachment
          * cap size for bufferMappings at GL_MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS
          * bind FBO before validate()
  19. 02 Feb, 2012 3 commits
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      FBO redone · aa066185
      Robert Menzel authored
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      cleanups, working on VAOs · 2c552974
      Robert Menzel authored
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      Moved shared pointer includes · 795bcd09
      Robert Menzel authored
      The shared and weak pointers are now included via ACGL.hh, this way there is one
      one central place to replace the pointers if needed (C++11, TR1, boost, own variant).
      For this, they are placed in a ptr namespace so std:: (C++11) and str::tr1:: (C++98)
      variants as well as boost and own implementations can all get redirected.
      C++11 detection added and correct non-tr1 header include added (should make VS2010
      porting easier).
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    • Lars Krecklau's avatar
      -Created the RenderObject from the State. The RenderObject now only composes... · d9ad3dcc
      Lars Krecklau authored
      -Created the RenderObject from the State. The RenderObject now only composes VBOs, SPOs and FBOs and automatically creates the right mappings between them.
      -Removed the pre processor from the shader class, since we now only work with the gl getters to retrieve any locations (uniform, attribute, fragdata).
      -The ShaderProgram controllers have the possibility to define the order of the attributes manually (so the programmer can work with conventions).
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      Added the class State to the framework in order to manage combinations of... · 269a6c27
      Andreas Neu authored
      Added the class State to the framework in order to manage combinations of VertexBuffer, FrameBuffer and ShaderProgram.
      The class automatically creates a mapping between the attributes of vertexbuffers and shaders.
      Furthermore a mapping between FragDatas of shaders and rendertargets of framebuffers are created.
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    • Lars Krecklau's avatar
      Removed static contexts from the opengl object. In future, this has to be... · 21585e94
      Lars Krecklau authored
      Removed static contexts from the opengl object. In future, this has to be handled by our opengl wrapper, which will hold a copy of the gl state on cpu side.
      Made all opengl contexts not copyable.
      Created a macro for the shared typedefs which directly creates a const version of the pointer.
      Started to change some opengl object functions to be non-const although they might not change any class members, because the function still might change something on gpu side. Therfore, returning the context of any opengl object is also non-const now!
      Changed the renderbuffer constructor to just create the context and moved the rest to its corresponding controller.
      Removed own type enums in opengl objects => ONLY use the orginial GLenums here!
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  30. 11 Aug, 2011 1 commit
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      Usage of static GL Contexts in basic OpenGL Objects incorporated. · 1bc851f7
      Andreas Neu authored
      Until now only the class Texture used it. Now it has been added to ElementArrayBuffer, ArrayBuffer, FrameBuffer and ShaderProgram.
      Static class members have to be initialized outside the header, so the file ElementArrayBuffer.cc had to be added.
      Unbind calls e.g. glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0) outside of the specific class are not useful anymore, because it
      would not reset the static context variable and thus lead to bugs/crashes.
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