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    merge in main branch of a consistent number of changes in the test system from dev/amaglim. · a1d43491
    Marco Amagliani authored
    1. improvements in ERROR and warning checksum, with an apprpriate description of the error and of the differences.
    2. New layout for difference report, that provides an faster way to see differences between testsrun.
    3. Improved the internal test architecturesuing a new virutal interface for all kind of streams.
    4. Use of string to pass data to parse insde the test sytem (instead of streams).
    5. Improved documentation.
    This takes all changes submit in dev/amaglim between CL14056 and CL14114.
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//ReForm/ReForm/main/Base/": change = 14114]