Commit 6fedb446 authored by Martin Marinov's avatar Martin Marinov Committed by GitHub Enterprise
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Remove the obsolete 'S' option from report and clean up the code and docs. (#26)

parent e7cd7b16
......@@ -625,14 +625,15 @@ int report(const int _argc, const char* const _argv[],
if (_argc == 2)
return make_report(_argv[1]);
bool shrt = true, full = false; // by default, both the shrt and full formats
bool shrt = true, full = false; // by default, produce the short format
bool updt = false, mirr = false; // update or mirror the test results
if (_argc == 4) // the 4th argument is used now to select a single format
if (strcmp(_argv[3], "S") == 0) // short only
full = false;
if (strcmp(_argv[3], "F") == 0) // full only
if (strcmp(_argv[3], "F") == 0) // produce instead the full difference
shrt = false;
full = true;
if (strcmp(_argv[3], "U") == 0) // update and (re)generate the short diff
updt = true;
if (strcmp(_argv[3], "M") == 0) // mirror and (re)generate the short diff
......@@ -21,8 +21,7 @@ output.
An optional third argument can be passed to specify behavior affecting options
(2) and (3) above. The values are as follow:
F: Produce the full baseline diff only
S: Produce the short baseline diff only
F: Produce the full baseline diff (i.e. including unchanged entries)
U: Update the first folder to match the second (don't remove unmatched reports)
M: Mirror the second folder onto the first (remove unmatched reports!)
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