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    Added a cache for the DoCloud optimization results. · 114e1c5d
    Marco Amagliani authored
    The cache is active by default and it is in folder \\camfs1\General_access\Martin_Marinov\ReForm\Cache .
    The cache directory can be changed using the environment variable "ReFormCacheDir" for example 
    set ReFormCacheDir \\camfs1\ASM\Users\Marco_Amagliani\reform\
     - the data defining the optimization problem (problem_data) to be sent to DoCloud are now stored in memory, not in a file.
     - these data are used to create a key_name. The cache system looks for a file key_name.lp . If it exists and the content of key_name.lp is the same as problem_data , the result of the optimization is retrieved in a file key_name.dat.
      - if the cache does not have an entry for prblem_data, the data are sent to DoCloud to be solved and then we store in key_name.lp as and key_name.dat in the cache to be reused the next time.
    It is expected more than 50% improvement on test execution (when the cache data are found).
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