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make the post-build copy instruction valid for multi-configuration build system

with msvc, the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is not taken into account from CMake.
MSVC is multi-configuration and we can change the config from inside msvc.
This new cmake code allows to use this multi-configuration system and
generate automatically the right post-build instruction
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......@@ -791,15 +791,9 @@ function (acg_add_library _target _libtype)
endif ()
endif ()
set ( postfix ${CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX} )
else ()
set ( postfix "" )
endif ()
set( postfix $<IF:$<CONFIG:Debug>,${CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX},"">)
set( fullname ${_target}${postfix} )
if (WIN32)
# copy exe file to "Build" directory
# Visual studio will create this file in a subdirectory so we can't use
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