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Merge branch 'revert-99d61be7' into 'master'

Revert "Merge branch 'gmm5.4-compat' into 'master'"

See merge request !52
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......@@ -751,11 +751,11 @@ void f(const gmm::row_matrix<GMM_VectorT>& _G, EIGEN_MatrixT& _E)
// convert a gmm col-sparse matrix into an eigen sparse matrix
template <class GMM_RealT, class EIGEN_MatrixT>
void f(const gmm::csc_matrix<GMM_RealT>& _G, EIGEN_MatrixT& _E)
void f(const gmm::csc_matrix<GMM_RealT,0>& _G, EIGEN_MatrixT& _E)
typedef typename EIGEN_MatrixT::Scalar Scalar;
typedef typename gmm::csc_matrix<GMM_RealT> GMM_MatrixT;
typedef typename gmm::csc_matrix<GMM_RealT,0> GMM_MatrixT;
typedef typename gmm::linalg_traits<GMM_MatrixT>::const_sub_col_type ColT;
typedef typename gmm::linalg_traits<ColT>::const_iterator CIter;
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