Commit 3841d82d authored by David Bommes's avatar David Bommes
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fixed issue that hessian of Lagrangian is never constant in case of nonlinear constraints

git-svn-id: 1355f012-dd97-4b2f-ae87-10fa9f823a57
parent 753224ca
......@@ -442,6 +442,10 @@ analyze_special_properties(const NProblemInterface* _problem, const std::vector<
if(!hessian_constant_ && !jac_c_constant_ && !jac_d_constant_)
//hessian of Lagrangian is only constant, if all hessians of the constraints are zero (due to lambda multipliers)
if(!jac_c_constant_ || !jac_d_constant_)
hessian_constant_ = false;
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