Commit 5a8dade3 authored by Martin Marinov's avatar Martin Marinov
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Reinstate the pruned() call while eliminating rows

parent 165dc624
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ void ExactConstraintSatisfaction::eliminate_row(SP_Matrix_R& mat, Eigen::VectorX
mat.row(row1) *= pivot_row2;
mat.row(row1) -= pivot_row1 * mat.row(row2);
// mat.row(row1) = mat.row(row1).pruned(0,0); TODO: enable this
mat.row(row1) = mat.row(row1).pruned(0,0);
int gcdValue = gcd_row(mat, row1, b.coeff(row1));
mat.row(row1) /= gcdValue;
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