Commit 616950ba authored by Henrik Zimmer's avatar Henrik Zimmer
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Fixed: Resubstitution timing contained setup and solve...

git-svn-id: 1355f012-dd97-4b2f-ae87-10fa9f823a57
parent c1c16f2e
......@@ -153,12 +153,13 @@ solve(
std::vector<int> new_idx;
eliminate_constraints( _constraints, _B, _idx_to_round, c_elim, new_idx, Bcol);
double time_eliminate = sw.stop()/1000.0; sw.start();
double time_eliminate = sw.stop()/1000.0;
if( _show_timings) std::cerr << "Eliminated dimension: " << gmm::mat_nrows(Bcol) << " x " << gmm::mat_ncols(Bcol) << std::endl;
// setup and solve system
double time_setup = setup_and_solve_system( Bcol, _x, _idx_to_round, _reg_factor, _show_miso_settings);
// double time_setup_solve = sw.stop()/1000.0; sw.start();
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