Commit 8576c765 authored by David Bommes's avatar David Bommes
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use timelimit parameter

git-svn-id: 1355f012-dd97-4b2f-ae87-10fa9f823a57
parent 12332983
......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ void solve_impl(
NProblemInterface* _problem,
const std::vector<NConstraintInterface*>& _constraints,
const std::vector<PairIndexVtype>& _discrete_constraints,
const double /*_time_limit*/
const double _time_limit
......@@ -243,9 +243,9 @@ void solve_impl(
// Pass the OsiSolver with the problem to be solved to CbcModel
CbcModel model(si);
model.solver()->setHintParam(OsiDoReducePrint, true, OsiHintTry);
// model.setMaximumSolutions(4);
// TRACE_CBT("CbcModel::getMaximumSolutions()", model.getMaximumSolutions());
// TRACE_CBT("CbcModel::getMaximumSeconds()", model.getMaximumSeconds());
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