Commit 938198bc authored by Marco Amagliani's avatar Marco Amagliani
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Minimization ot t-spline mesh distance.

Also some refactoring makes the code cleaner and separate the code that works with t_spline from the code that uses ReForm..

[git-p4: depot-paths = "//ReForm/ReForm/main/CoMISo/": change = 12273]
parent 568638fd
......@@ -401,11 +401,11 @@ private:
std::sort( evar.begin(), evar.end() );
evar.push_back( std::numeric_limits<int>::max() );
int cur_evar_idx=0;
unsigned int nc = _rhs.size();
for( unsigned int i=0; i<nc; ++i )
int cur_evar_idx = 0;
size_t nc = _rhs.size();
for (size_t i = 0; i < nc; ++i)
unsigned int next_i = evar[cur_evar_idx];
size_t next_i = evar[cur_evar_idx];
if ( i != next_i ) _rhs[i-cur_evar_idx] = _rhs[i];
else ++cur_evar_idx;
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