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added convenience functions

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......@@ -40,13 +40,14 @@ public:
typedef Eigen::Triplet<double> Triplet;
/// Default constructor
LeastSquaresProblem(const int _n_unknowns) :n_(_n_unknowns), x_(_n_unknowns, 0.0) {}
LeastSquaresProblem(const int _n_unknowns = 0) :n_(_n_unknowns), x_(_n_unknowns, 0.0) {}
/// Destructor
~LeastSquaresProblem() {}
void add_term(NConstraintInterface* _term);
void clear_terms() {terms_.clear();}
double eval_term(const unsigned int _i, const double* _x);
double eval_term(const unsigned int _i);
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