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IPOPTSolverLean: add class documentation

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......@@ -27,12 +27,20 @@ class NConstraintInterface;
//== CLASS DEFINITION =========================================================
/** \class NewtonSolver NewtonSolver.hh <ACG/.../NewtonSolver.hh>
Brief Description.
A more elaborate description follows.
/** \class IPOPTSolverLean
Solver for Interior Point optimization problems.
Solves an interior point problem, given an NProblemInterface
instance and optionally a set of constraints as well as "lazy
constraints" via NConstraintInterface.
Lazy constraints are not active while the initial solution to the
problem is computed. After the first solution is found, the lazy
constraints are checked and added to the set of active constraints
if they are violated. This process is then repeated until all
constraints are satisfied OR a maximum number of solution attempts
has been reached. In that case the optimization is started once
more, with all lazy constraints active.
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