Commit bd13932e authored by Martin Marinov's avatar Martin Marinov
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Revert the default value of IPOPTSolverLean::enable_all_lazy_contraints() to...

Revert the default value of IPOPTSolverLean::enable_all_lazy_contraints() to true, since this class could is used outside of IGM::ParametrizationT.
parent 93998f24
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ class IPOPTSolverLean::Impl
: app_(IpoptApplicationFactory()), alm_infsb_thrsh_(0.5),
incr_lazy_cnstr_max_iter_nmbr_(5), enbl_all_lzy_cnstr_(false)
incr_lazy_cnstr_max_iter_nmbr_(5), enbl_all_lzy_cnstr_(true)
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ public:
Set the max number of incremental lazy constraint iterations before switching
to the fully constrained problem.
\note The default value is 5.
void set_incremental_lazy_constraint_max_iteration_number(const int
......@@ -68,13 +69,7 @@ public:
Turn on/off solving the fully constraint problem after exhausting the
incremental lazy constraint iterations.
\note The default value of this is *false*: We have experimentally found that
solving with the full set of lazy constraints is useless. In 200+ tests, the
solve process finds a feasible solution (when it exists) within the first N
(== \ref incremental_lazy_constraint_max_iteration_number(), default N == 5)
incremental lazy constraint iterations.
Solving with all lazy constraints never found a solution when these first 5
iterations failed to find one, and just wasted (a considerable amount of) time.
\note The default value of this is true.
void set_enable_all_lazy_contraints(const bool _enbl_all_lzy_cnstr);
bool enable_all_lazy_contraints() const;
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