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allocAtLeast Pipeline, Viewer Outline

Jonathan Kunstwald requested to merge feature/jk-dev into master
  • Change all pipeline target allocations to allocAtLeast, significantly improving multi viewer performance
  • Adapt various pipeline features to work with oversized targets
  • Remove previous SSAO option (SAO) for maintainability reasons
  • Add optional edge outline effect based on normal and depth discontinuities
  • Enabled by default in Viewer (WIP: Looks)
  • Move OpenGL debug group CMake option to global CMakeLists, respect option in Viewer
  • Add Viewer ImGui menu bar
  • Add method to RenderPipeline to de-allocate all internal targets (leading to possible resizes on next render)
  • Add option to StageCamera to enable / disable TAA history rejection
Edited by Jonathan Kunstwald

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