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Reverse-Z Pipeline

Jonathan Kunstwald requested to merge feature/jk-dev into master
  • Add a define option to switch the pipeline to reverse-Z mode
    • Flipped depth
    • Infinite far plane
    • Zero-to-one clip space
    • Enabled by default
  • Improve shadow cascade system
    • No longer requires squared camera distance in shader, simplified glsl interface
    • Fixed circle artifact on cascade edges
    • Improved configurability with cascade split lambda in RenderScene
  • Fix TAA Jitter extent
    • From [-1, 1] to [-0.5, 0.5]
    • Reduces jittering and blur
  • Add imgui utils to glow-extras-debugging
    • Add dark and light ImGui "glow theme"
    • Enabled in viewer
  • Add "Suppress" button to DebugOverlay
    • If suppressed, the overlay no longer becomes visible on new OpenGL errors
    • Only a call to ToggleVisibility (F10) un-suppresses the overlay
  • Add viewport output settings to the pipeline
    • Use them for multiple subviews in the viewer in favor of a temporary fbo and blitting
  • Minor fixes
    • Adjust outline normal threshold in viewer
    • Fix preprocessor condition for imgui presence
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