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Pipeline Rewrite


  • Add new clustered forward rendering pipeline
    • Z-Pre pass
    • Cascaded Shadow Maps
    • CPU light clustering
    • Order-independent Transparency
    • Point, Sphere and Tube Lights
    • SSAO algorithm (Scalable Ambient Obscurance)
    • Temporal Anti-Aliasing
    • HDR, Bloom and Postprocessing
  • Integrate into GlfwApp
  • Expand material
    • Add IBL shader helper
    • Increase default BRDF LUT size


  • Add DebugOverlay
    • On-screen ImGui OpenGL error log
    • Replaces default glow terminal output to make logging more readable for other things like Shader compilation
    • Integrated into GlfwApp, on by default
  • Add shader embedding
    • Can be enabled with a CMake Option
    • Active for pipeline and material
    • Requires no further adjustments to usage
  • Delete old pipeline
    • Remove debugging dependency on it
    • Remove from GlfwApp
  • Add FOV getters to CameraBase and derivatives
  • GlfwApp
    • Perform default camera handling update with variable timestep
    • Add optional ImGui pipeline scene configuration window


  • Fix __FILE__ usage on MSVC

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