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Rewrite Camera, add CpuTimer, various fixes

Jonathan Kunstwald requested to merge feature/jk-dev into master


  • Extract projection logic into new class Lens
  • Extract positioning logic into new class Handle
  • Rewrite Camera, now just a thin class containing Lens + Handle, with some passthrough
  • Rewrite smoothing logic to fix orbiting
  • Addresses #4 (closed) and #5 (closed)
  • Extract camera utilities to free functions in CameraUtils


  • Add CpuTimer, a simple, <chrono>-based timer
  • Replaces PerformanceTimer in GlfwApp
  • PerformanceTimer deleted


  • Fix uninitialized members in StageCamera
  • Fix shadow acne by reintroducing depth biasing
  • Add 3D LUT-based color correction
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