Cumulative Feature Update

Merged Jonathan Kunstwald requested to merge feature/expand-texture-2d-multisample into develop


  • Expand Multisampled Texture Types
    • Allow configuration of sample amount and GL_FIXED_SAMPLES
    • Allow creation of immutable MS textures
  • Add Texture::Shape to allow for advanced Texture configuration on creation
  • Add Compare Mode and Compare Function to TextureData
  • Use Texture::Shape instead of Texture::SizeT in TexturePool
  • Explicitly reset pointers in TexturePool::free to ease avoidance of double-freeing textures

Default Shader Parser

  • Add virtual file registration for seamless shader embedding
    • Virtual files will be considered and overwrite files on disk upon #include and createFromFile
  • Add custom pragma registration with variable arguments using a "PragmaCallback"


  • Add math/transform
  • Allow layered attachments to Framebuffer
  • Fix __FILE__ usage on MSVC
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