Commit 84bd6f95 authored by Max Lyon's avatar Max Lyon
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Merge branch 'avoid-ovm-deprecated-func' into 'master'

Avoid using deprecated OVM functions.

See merge request !4
parents 4921bd66 23f0be59
......@@ -4472,7 +4472,7 @@ bool HexExtractor::isCellDegenerate(CellHandle ch)
return cellTypes[ch.idx()] == Degenerate;
return cellTypes[ch] == Degenerate;
bool HexExtractor::isCellFlipped(CellHandle ch)
......@@ -4483,7 +4483,7 @@ bool HexExtractor::isCellFlipped(CellHandle ch)
return cellTypes[ch.idx()] == Flipped;
return cellTypes[ch] == Flipped;
bool HexExtractor::isFaceDegenerate(HalfFaceHandle hfh)
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