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\page branding OpenFlipper Branding
OpenFlipper supports branding of the UI and several components by an integrated branding mechanism.
Generally you need to create a branding directory in the toplevel source directory.
Configurations made in this directory will overwrite some icons, settings and configurations.
SourceDir/branding/branding.cmake // General cmake file for branding flags
\section branding_icons Application internal icons
If you want to replace the icon set of OpenFlipper (partially or complete), you can override them
with icon sets for linux, win, mac or all at once.
SourceDir/branding/linux/Icons // Linux specific icons
SourceDir/branding/mac/Icons // Mac specific icons
SourceDir/branding/win/Icons // Windows specific icons
SourceDir/branding/Icons // Toplevel icon directory overwriting also the OS specific icons
\section branding_mac Mac Specific bundle branding
For Mac OS several special options are available to configure the final bundle.
The files used for the bungle are:
SourceDir/branding/mac/OpenFlipper_Icon.icns // Bundle icon
SourceDir/branding/mac/Info.plist // Plist file
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