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Switched to 1.4 Version

Updated changelog

closes #495

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/*! \page changelog Changelog
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.4 ( ?? , 15095 )</b>
- <b>Significant interface changes<b>
- Don't use allow addEmpty in FileInterface anymore (deprecated long time ago and basically unused!)
- <b>ACG</b>
- Added simple scenegraph analysis function to get bounding box and multipass number
- <b>Core</b>
- Speedup getObject in Pluginfunctions, as most functions used the slow recursive version instead of the std map accelerated version in PluginFunctions
- Speedup: Modified the resetScenegraph stuff which ran the bounding box and multipass actions too often (Approx. factor 4 speedup in this function)
- Speedup: Block updates wile loading files from the command line
- Speedup: Reset drawmodes only when not locked
- <b>ObjectTypes</b>
- VolumeMesh
- Added draw mode for colored vertices
- <b>Plugins</b>
- Datacontrol
- Added context menu item to copy material to targeted objects.
- File Bundler
- New Plugin
- Read output from bundler (SplatCloud, Cameras)
- Primitives Generator
- Added cylinder generator
- Render DepthPeeling
- Fixed shader not working correctly on mac
- <b>Documentation</b>
- Removed example path from doxyfiles for user documentation
- Added colored point rendering stuff.
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.3 ( 2012.07.16 , 15046 )</b>
- <b>ACG</b>
- DrawModes
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