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Dennis: Better docu for picking functions in scenegraph

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......@@ -396,34 +396,50 @@ public:
//--- picking ---------------------------------------------------------------
/// initialize name/color picking stack
/** Follows the OpenGL selection buffer implementation (OpenGL Red Book Chapter 13)
* Color picking is another method to realize picking. This functions replace the original OpenGL
* functions, to allow the handling of selection buffer picking and color based picking with
* the same code.
/// initialize name/color picking stack (like glInitNames())
void pick_init (bool _color);
/// sets the maximum used name index at current stack position (only used in color picking)
/// A restriction inside the color picking implementation forces to set the maximum used
/// number for the following pick_set_name calls between the two pick_push_name/pick_pop_name calls.
bool pick_set_maximum (unsigned int _idx);
/// sets the current name/color
/// sets the current name/color (like glLoadName(_idx))
void pick_set_name (unsigned int _idx);
/// get the current color for index
/// returns the color that will be used for index _idx during color picking if this index will be set
/// with pick_set_name. This can be used to generate color arrays instead of using direct gl calls
/// for each primitive
Vec4uc pick_get_name_color (unsigned int _idx);
/// creates a new name the stack
/// creates a new name the stack (like glPushName())
void pick_push_name (unsigned int _idx);
/// pops the current name from the stack
/// pops the current name from the stack (like glPopName())
void pick_pop_name ();
/// converts the given color to index values on the stack (only used in color picking)
/// This can be compared to the results of the selection buffer results
std::vector<unsigned int> pick_color_to_stack (Vec4uc _rgba) const;
/// returns maximal available index count (only used in color picking)
/// returns the number of still available colors during color picking
unsigned int pick_free_indicies () const;
/// Did an error occur during picking (only used in color picking)
/// Mostly to small color depth or wrong handling of pick_set_maximum
bool pick_error () const;
/// returns the current color picking index (can be used for caching)
/// Is this value equal to a value used in a previous picking, then the same colors will be used.
/// In this case a previously calculated color array/display list can be reused.
unsigned int pick_current_index () const;
/// Is color picking active?
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