Commit 1abb1193 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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- only include color_cast instead of whole MeshIO in DrawMesh
- Extended Material support

- cppcheck fixes

- Extended Material support
parent 5015f8ca
OpenFlipper @ 7c10bc7d
Subproject commit 9f14f8811ef87a4f4cf42ffda3eab85a09ffb2d8
Subproject commit 7c10bc7dcf9439d802b2f1fe00dbffc444c539de
Plugin-Decimater @ 6afdf687
Subproject commit cef0fd62c89a8b4c9c59b3013669150a9f66829c
Subproject commit 6afdf6879dead1ef3c124dc425bdadddd37b95f9
Plugin-INI @ d0234494
Subproject commit 000c4a6c61cbacbd601b1d5cd3e3ba9bca1c7893
Subproject commit d0234494c973635eb93171cc4295649d0ad8ff73
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