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new algorithm for forcing unshared per face vertices after triangulation

parent a88b1ad3
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......@@ -655,7 +655,7 @@ public:
int mapToDrawVertexID(const int _faceID, const int _cornerID) const;
/** Mapping from input Face id -> draw vertex id
/** Mapping from input Face id -> draw triangle id
* @param _faceID Face ID in input data
* @param _k triangle no. associated to face, offset 0
......@@ -805,7 +805,6 @@ private:
bool deleteFaceInputeData_; // delete if face input data internally created
std::vector<int> faceBufSplit_; // mapping from (faceID, cornerID) to interleaved vertex id after splitting
std::vector<int> faceRotCount_; // # ccw rotations per face, handled internally by getInputIndexOffset
std::vector<int> faceSortMap_; // face IDs sorted by group; maps sortFaceID -> FaceID
int provokingVertex_; // provoking vertex of each triangle
bool provokingVertexSetByUser_; // was the provoking vertex selected by user or set to default?
......@@ -985,7 +984,7 @@ private:
int mapTriToInputFace(const int _tri) const;
int getInputIndexOffset(const int _face, const int _corner, const bool _rotation = true) const;
int getInputIndexOffset(const int _face, const int _corner) const;
inline int getInputFaceOffset(const int _face) const
......@@ -1011,6 +1010,9 @@ private:
// convert n-poly -> tris (triangle fans)
void triangulate();
// resolve triangulation
void resolveTriangulation();
// sort input faces by group ids
void sortFacesByGroup();
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