Commit 22f6f921 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Updated PolyLineNode to use new picking.

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent b5a2626b
......@@ -219,9 +219,12 @@ pick_vertices( GLState& _state )
// radius in pixels
int psize = 7;
_state.pick_set_maximum (polyline_.n_vertices());
_state.pick_set_name (0);
for (unsigned int i=0; i< polyline_.n_vertices(); ++i)
_state.pick_set_name (i);
// compute 3d radius of sphere
Vec3d window_pos = _state.project( (Vec3d) polyline_.point(i));
......@@ -255,10 +258,14 @@ pick_edges( GLState& _state, unsigned int _offset)
unsigned int n_end = polyline_.n_edges()+1;
if( !polyline_.is_closed()) --n_end;
_state.pick_set_maximum (n_end);
_state.pick_set_name (0);
// draw possibly closed PolyLine
for (unsigned int i=0; i<n_end; ++i)
_state.pick_set_name (i+_offset);
Point p0 = polyline_.point(i % polyline_.n_vertices());
Point p1 = polyline_.point((i+1) % polyline_.n_vertices());
Point pm = 0.5*(p0+p1);
......@@ -310,8 +317,8 @@ draw_cylinder( const Point& _p0, const Point& _axis, double _r)
qobj = gluNewQuadric();
gluQuadricDrawStyle(qobj, GLU_FILL);
gluQuadricNormals(qobj, GLU_SMOOTH);
// gluQuadricDrawStyle(qobj, GLU_FILL);
// gluQuadricNormals(qobj, GLU_SMOOTH);
gluCylinder(qobj, _r, _r, _axis.norm(), slices, stacks);
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