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/** \page manipulator Manipulator
* The Manipulator is an easy to use tool for translation, rotation, and resizing.
* It is used by several Plugins e.g. the <a style="text-decoration:none;" href="../Plugin-Move/index.html"><b>Move Plugin</b></a>.
* \section Summary
* \ref obj_man
* \li \ref obj_translation
* \li \ref obj_rotation
* \li \ref obj_resizing
* \ref property_window
* \ref man_man
* \li \ref man_translation
* \li \ref man_rotation
* \li \ref man_resizing
* \note Not every plugin provide all manipulations presented in this document
* \section obj_man Object Manipulation
* Before you can start, you have to place the manipulator and bind it to an object.
* A <b>double left click</b> on the desired object resolves this problem.
* If you want to change the manipulated object, <b>double left click</b>
* on the desired place again.
* After placing the manipulator, you can proceed with the following manipulations.
* \subsection obj_translation Object Translation
* The translation can be done via the arrow tails or the ball in the center.
* \image html manipulator/manipulator_trans_rot_describe.png "The Manipulator for Rotation and Translation"
* Click on the ball, hold and move the to translate an object
* to all directions. If the directions should be limited, click
* on an arrow tail. Now, you can move your mouse, but the object
* will only be translated on the 1D axis described by the arrow.
* \subsection obj_rotation Object Rotation
* The Manipulator in resize mode
* By clicking on one of the circles around the manipulator or
* on one of the arrow tips (See image in \ref obj_translation),
* you can rotate the object.
* After clicking with the mouse button,hold it and move the mouse, to rotate the object.
* The rotation axis is the arrow tail of the clicked arrow tip, or the arrow tail which is cyrcled by the pressed cyrcle.
* \subsection obj_resizing Object Resizing
* \image html manipulator/manipulator_resize_describe.png "The Manipulator in resize mode"
* First, enable the "resize" mode by pressing and holding the <b>\<Control></b> key or pressing the button shown below.
* You will see, the cyrcles around the manipulatorare vanished and
* the arrows have two tips.
* \image html manipulator/manipulator_resize.png "Button enables the \"resize\" mode"
* Now you can resize the object by pressing on one of the arrows, holding and moving
* the mouse. This procedure resizes the object in the arrow direction.\n
* It is also possible to resize the object an all dimensions.
* Click on the ball center for doing this.
* \section property_window Property Window
* To open the property window, right-click on the manipulator and click on "Set Properties".
* The property window provides several options to set the position/direction of the manipulator and
* for translation, rotation and scaling.
* It is simple to use:\n
* \li Choose the operation that should be done. They are written on the left buttons (e.g. translation).
* \li Write your values into the edit boxes next to the buttons.
* Which axis/angle the edit boxes describe is shown above of the boxes (e.g. first edit box after button translation is for the x-axis).
* \li Click on the left operation button.
* \section man_man Manipulator Manipulation
* The following manipulations manipulates the Manipulator itself. So, no data of your mesh will
* be harmed.
* \subsection man_translation Manipulator Translation
* \image html manipulator/manipulator_manip_translation.png "Button enables the \"Locally translate manipulator\" mode"
* To translate the Manipulatior, enable the "Locally translate manipulator" mode.
* This can be done by pressing the button shown above.
* The manipulator follows the mouse. Click with the mouse button to set the manipulator
* on the desired place.
* \note There are no existing shortcuts to enable this mode
* \subsection man_rotation Manipulator Rotation
* \image html manipulator/manipulator_manip_rotate.png "Button enables \"Rotate manipulator\" mode"
* The Manipulator can be rotated. For doing this,
* enable in the "Rotate manipulator" mode by pressing the button shown above,
* or by pressing and holding the <b>\<Shift\></b> key.
* Now, the Manipulator can be rotated as a normal object.
* For doing this, see \ref obj_rotation.
* \subsection man_resizing Manipulator Resizing
* Use the <b>mousewheel \<up></b>and <b>mousewheel \<down\></b> to resize the manipulator.
/** \page tools Tools
* \section Overview
* OpenFlipper provides following tools:
* \li \subpage manipulator
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