Commit 2a9499a7 authored by Hans-Christian Ebke's avatar Hans-Christian Ebke
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Replaced super slow qsort by much faster std::sort.

std::sort is a template function so the compiler can inline the comparator
avoiding unnecessary calls. In contrast, qsort is a non-template function
taking a function pointer which results in one function call per comparison
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......@@ -473,16 +473,6 @@ void IRenderer::traverseRenderableNodes( ACG::GLState* _glState, ACG::SceneGraph
int IRenderer::cmpPriority(const void* _a, const void* _b)
const ACG::RenderObject* a = *(const ACG::RenderObject**)_a;
const ACG::RenderObject* b = *(const ACG::RenderObject**)_b;
return a->priority - b->priority;
void IRenderer::prepareRenderingPipeline(ACG::GLState* _glState, ACG::SceneGraph::DrawModes::DrawMode _drawMode, ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode* _scenegraphRoot)
// grab view transform from glstate
......@@ -752,10 +742,13 @@ void IRenderer::clearInputFbo( const ACG::Vec4f& clearColor )
void IRenderer::sortRenderObjects()
if (!sortedObjects_.empty())
qsort(&sortedObjects_[0], sortedObjects_.size(), sizeof(ACG::RenderObject*), cmpPriority);
if (!overlayObjects_.empty())
qsort(&overlayObjects_[0], overlayObjects_.size(), sizeof(ACG::RenderObject*), cmpPriority);
struct RenderObjectComparator {
bool operator() (ACG::RenderObject *a, ACG::RenderObject * b) {
return (a->priority < b->priority);
std::sort(sortedObjects_.begin(), sortedObjects_.end(), RenderObjectComparator());
std::sort(overlayObjects_.begin(), overlayObjects_.end(), RenderObjectComparator());
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