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/*! \page changelog Changelog
- <b>OpenFlipper 2.1 ( ?/?/? , 18273 )</b>
- <b>OpenFlipper 2.1 ( ?/?/? , 18405 )</b>
- <b>ACG</b>
- GL
- DrawModes: Convenience function to add property based drawmodes. refs 1895
- Rendering: Fix for wireframe/hiddenline on poly meshes.
- Rendering: unified edge rendering for triangle and poly meshes refs
- Shader Generator: Extension to replace lightingcode
- Shader Generator: Add comments to shaders to keep track of input files used to compose shaders
- Support shininess in lighting code
......@@ -11,16 +14,28 @@
- Convenience functions added
- save/restoreActiveFbo(fboId, viewport)
- copyDepthToBackBuffer(tex, scale)
- Fix specular lighting of directional lights in the shader pipeline
- MeshNode
- Fixed 0 pointer deref in meshnode. Closes 2048
- MeshCompiler and DrawMesh
- Fix for face colors on wrong faces by Christopher.
- ShaderGenerator
- Add support for #include in ACG shader load function
- Write source location of shader input files as comments into code
- ShaderCache
- Added clear function
- Tools
- Unified color generator interfaces.
- workaround for memory corruption, when a multisampled FBO is resized
- New TextureBuffer class in ACG for opengl texture buffers
- ACG Textures can now be bound to any texture slot by passing the texture unit to bind()
- Add filter weight computation for reading from multisampled textures
- Uniform Pool
- fix wrong storage type for integer uniforms
- Mesh Tools
- Added function to grow edge selections.
- Documentation
- Renderer tutorial
- <b>Core</b>
- Interface
- PluginFunctions: Added fovy function.
......@@ -29,17 +44,32 @@
- Cleaned up QtBaseViewer code a bit.
- Let the glwidget do the buffer clearing, not the renderers (simplified renderer plugins)
- <b>Plugins</b>
- Components
- Add nogui support
- Depth Peeling
- Code refactoring and cleanup
- Front to back peeling back to work
- User can switch between dual peeling and front to back peeling via options menu
- Post-processor support: Output of front depth layers in hardware depth buffer
- File-VTK
- fix wrong count in the POLYGONS header (Thanks to Vladimir Chalupecky for the patch)
- PropertyViz
- Added new vector viz mode.
- Renderer Toon
- Add options dialog for toon renderer
- Shader Pipeline
- Stereo support and new buffer handling in shader pipeline renderer
- Skeletal Animation
- ui updating fix refs 2046
- Subdivider
- Sripting slots don't use ui anymore ( Thanks to Vladimir Chalupecky for the patch)
- Added more user output to inform on errors or unsupported algorithms.
- Fixed slot descriptions ( the subdivider is not a smoother ;-) )
- Updated Vsi xml
- Toon Shader
- Added new renderer plugin for toon shading
- Plugin-PropertyViz
- Added new vector viz mode.
- <b>Build System</b>
- set debug/release output_dir for mac with bundles enabled closes 1993
- <b>Documentation</b>
- Raised Doxygen version of files to 1.8.6
- Added documentation for shader generator
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