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Added more state locking functions.

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......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ public:
/// destructor
~GLState() {}
/// does nothing
void makeCurrent() { }
/// synchronize this class with the OpenGL state machine
......@@ -172,33 +172,59 @@ public:
bool isStateEnabled(GLenum _cap);
/// replaces glEnableClientState, supports locking
void enableClientState(GLenum _cap);
/// replaces glDisableClientState, supports locking
void disableClientState(GLenum _cap);
/// locks a client state
void lockClientState(GLenum _cap);
/// unlocks a client state
void unlockClientState(GLenum _cap);
/// returns true, if a client state is enabled
bool isClientStateEnabled(GLenum _cap);
/// returns true, if a client state is locked
bool isClientStateLocked(GLenum _cap);
/// replaces glBlendFunc, supports locking
void blendFunc(GLenum _sfactor, GLenum _dfactor);
/// get blend function, null-ptr safe
void getBlendFunc(GLenum* _sfactor, GLenum* _dfactor);
/// lock blend func
void lockBlendFunc() {blendFuncLock_ = true;}
/// unlock blend func
void unlockBlendFunc() {blendFuncLock_ = false;}
/// get blend func locking state
bool isBlendFuncLocked() {return blendFuncLock_;}
/// replaces glBlendEquation, supports locking
void blendEquation(GLenum _mode);
/// get blend equation
GLenum getBlendEquation() {return blendEquationState_;}
/// lock blend equation
void lockBlendEquation() {blendEquationLock_ = true;}
/// unlock blend equation
void unlockBlendEquation() {blendEquationLock_ = false;}
/// get blend equation locking state
bool isBlendEquationLocked() {return blendEquationLock_;}
/// replaces glBlendColor, supports locking
void blendColor(GLclampf _red, GLclampf _green, GLclampf _blue, GLclampf _alpha);
// get blend color, not null-ptr safe, 4 element color output: RGBA
/// get blend color, not null-ptr safe, 4 element color output: RGBA
void getBlendColor(GLclampf* _col);
/// lock blend color
void lockBlendColor() {blendColorLock_ = true;}
/// unlock blend color
void unlockBlendColor() {blendColorLock_ = false;}
/// get blend color locking state
bool isBlendColorLocked() {return blendColorLock_;}
......@@ -208,10 +234,95 @@ public:
/// get alpha function, null-ptr safe
void getAlphaFunc(GLenum* _func, GLclampf* _ref);
/// lock alpha func
void lockAlphaFunc() {alphaFuncLock_ = true;}
/// unlock alpha func
void unlockAlphaFunc() {alphaFuncLock_ = false;}
/// get alpha func locking state
bool isAlphaFuncLocked() {return alphaFuncLock_;}
/// replaces glShadeModel, supports locking
void shadeModel(GLenum _mode);
/// get current shade model
GLenum getShadeModel() {return shadeModel_;}
/// lock shade model
void lockShadeModel() {shadeModelLock_ = true;}
/// unlock shade model
void unlockShadeModel() {shadeModelLock_ = false;}
/// get shade model locking state
bool isShadeModelLocked() {return shadeModelLock_;}
/// replaces glCullFace, supports locking
void cullFace(GLenum _mode);
/// get current cull face
GLenum getCullFace() {return cullFace_;}
/// lock cull face
void lockCullFace() {cullFaceLock_ = true;}
/// unlock cull face
void unlockCullFace() {cullFaceLock_ = false;}
/// get cull face locking state
bool isCullFaceLocked() {return cullFaceLock_;}
/** @} */
/** @name GL vertex pointers
* @{ */
/// replaces glVertexPointer, supports locking
void vertexPointer(GLint _size, GLenum _type, GLsizei _stride, const GLvoid* _pointer);
/// get vertex pointer, null-ptr safe
void getVertexPointer(GLint* _size, GLenum* _type, GLsizei* _stride, const GLvoid** _pointer);
/// lock vertex pointer
void lockVertexPointer() {vertexPointerLock_ = true;}
/// unlock vertex pointer
void unlockVertexPointer() {vertexPointerLock_ = false;}
/// get vertex pointer lock state
bool isVertexPointerLocked() {return vertexPointerLock_;}
/// replaces glNormalPointer, supports locking
void normalPointer(GLenum _type, GLsizei _stride, const GLvoid* _pointer);
/// get normal pointer, null-ptr safe
void getNormalPointer(GLenum* _type, GLsizei* _stride, const GLvoid** _pointer);
/// lock normal pointer
void lockNormalPointer() {normalPointerLock_ = true;}
/// unlock normal pointer
void unlockNormalPointer() {normalPointerLock_ = false;}
/// get normal pointer lock state
bool isNormalPointerLocked() {return normalPointerLock_;}
/// replaces glColorPointer, supports locking
void colorPointer(GLint _size, GLenum _type, GLsizei _stride, const GLvoid* _pointer);
/// get color pointer, null-ptr safe
void getColorPointer(GLint* _size, GLenum* _type, GLsizei* _stride, const GLvoid** _pointer);
/// lock color pointer
void lockColorPointer() {colorPointerLock_ = true;}
/// unlock vertex pointer
void unlockColorPointer() {colorPointerLock_ = false;}
/// get vertex pointer lock state
bool isColorPointerLocked() {return colorPointerLock_;}
/// replaces glTexcoordPointer, supports locking
void texcoordPointer(GLint _size, GLenum _type, GLsizei _stride, const GLvoid* _pointer);
/// get color pointer, null-ptr safe
void getTexcoordPointer(GLint* _size, GLenum* _type, GLsizei* _stride, GLvoid** _pointer);
/// lock color pointer
void lockTexcoordPointer() {colorPointerLock_ = true;}
/// unlock vertex pointer
void unlockTexcoordPointer() {colorPointerLock_ = false;}
/// get vertex pointer lock state
bool isTexcoordPointerLocked() {return colorPointerLock_;}
/** @} */
......@@ -222,19 +333,70 @@ public:
/// replaces glBindBuffer, supports locking
void bindBuffer(GLenum _target, GLuint _buffer);
/// lock buffer target
void lockBufferTarget(GLenum _target);
/// unlock buffer target
void unlockBufferTarget(GLenum _target);
/// get buffer target locking state
bool isBufferTargetLocked(GLenum _target);
/// get currently bound buffer
GLuint getBoundBuf(GLenum _target);
/// replaces glDrawBuffer, supports locking
void drawBuffer(GLenum _mode);
/// replaces glDrawBuffers, supports locking
void drawBuffers(GLsizei _n, const GLenum* _bufs);
/// lock draw buffer state, applies to drawBuffer and drawBuffers
void lockDrawBuffer() {drawBufferLock_ = true;}
/// unlock draw buffer state
void unlockDrawBuffer() {drawBufferLock_ = false;}
/// get draw buffer lock state
bool isDrawBufferLocked() {return drawBufferLock_;}
/// replaces glBindFramebuffer, supports locking
void framebuffer(GLenum _target, GLuint _framebuffer);
/// get current framebuffer of a target
GLuint getFramebuffer(GLenum _target);
/// lock a framebuffer target
void lockFramebuffer(GLenum _target);
/// unlock a framebuffer target
void unlockFramebuffer(GLenum _target);
/// get framebuffer target lock state
bool isFramebufferLocked(GLenum _target);
/** @} */
/** @name GL shader program binding
* @{ */
/// replaces glUseProgram, supports locking
void useProgram(GLuint _program);
/// get bound program
GLuint getProgram() {return program_;}
/// lock the program
void lockProgram() {programLock_ = true;}
/// unlock the program
void unlockProgram() {programLock_ = false;}
/// get program locking state
bool isProgramLocked() {return programLock_;}
/** @} */
// bijective map from GLenum buffer_target to [0..3], -1 if unsupported
/// bijective map from GLenum buffer_target to [0..3], -1 if unsupported
int getBufferTargetIndex(GLenum _target);
......@@ -247,6 +409,7 @@ public:
/// replaces glActiveTexture, no locking support
inline void setActiveTexture(GLenum _texunit) {activeTexture_ = _texunit;}
/// get active GL texture
inline GLenum getActiveTexture() {return activeTexture_;}
/// replaces glBindTexture, supports locking
......@@ -255,17 +418,20 @@ public:
/// locks the current texture stage (set by setActiveTexture)
void lockTextureTarget(GLenum _target);
/// unlocks the current texture target
void unlockTextureTarget(GLenum _target);
/// get texture target locking state
bool isTextureTargetLocked(GLenum _target);
/// get bound texture
GLuint getBoundTextureBuffer(GLenum _target);
/** @} */
// bijective map from GLenum texture_target to [0..3], -1 if unsupported
/// bijective map from GLenum texture_target to [0..3], -1 if unsupported
int getTextureTargetIndex(GLenum _target);
......@@ -825,10 +991,66 @@ private: //--------------------------------------------------------------------
// current state of a texture target
GLuint glTextureTargetState_[16][4];
// current shade model: GL_FLAT, GL_SMOOTH, set by glShadeModel
GLenum shadeModel_;
bool shadeModelLock_;
// current cull face mode: GL_FRONT, GL_FRONT_AND_BACK
GLenum cullFace_;
bool cullFaceLock_;
// vertex pointers, used in glVertexPointer, glTexcoordPointer..
struct GLVertexPointer
GLint size;
GLenum type;
GLsizei stride;
const GLvoid* pointer;
bool equals(GLint _size, GLenum _type, GLsizei _stride, const GLvoid* _ptr)
return (size == _size && _type == type && _stride == stride && pointer == _ptr);
void set(GLint _size, GLenum _type, GLsizei _stride, const GLvoid* _ptr)
size = _size; type = _type; stride = _stride, pointer = _ptr;
GLVertexPointer vertexPointer_;
bool vertexPointerLock_;
GLVertexPointer normalPointer_;
bool normalPointerLock_;
GLVertexPointer texcoordPointer_;
bool texcoordPointerLock_;
GLVertexPointer colorPointer_;
bool colorPointerLock_;
// draw buffers
GLenum drawBufferSingle_;
GLenum drawBufferState_[16];
int activeDrawBuffer_; // = 0 -> drawBufferSignle_; != 0 -> drawBufferState
bool drawBufferLock_;
// framebuffer
// framebuffer id for each target: 0 - GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER, 1-> GL_READ_FRAMEBUFFER
GLuint framebuffers_[2];
bool framebufferLock_[2];
// current gl shader program
GLuint program_;
bool programLock_;
// graphics card caps, retrieved via glGet
int maxTextureCoords_;
int maxCombinedTextureImageUnits_;
int maxDrawBuffers_;
/** \page pickingDocumentation Picking in the ACG SceneGraph
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