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Changed dialog title.

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parent 5709a051
......@@ -60,11 +60,9 @@ void MovePlugin::showProps(){
BaseObjectData* obj;
if ( ! PluginFunctions::getObject(meshID,obj) )
ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode* mesh = ACG::SceneGraph::find_node( PluginFunctions::getSceneGraphRootNode(), meshID );
movePropsWidget* pW = new movePropsWidget(obj);
connect(pW->posButton,SIGNAL(clicked() ),this,SLOT(slotSetPosition()));
connect(pW->axisAButton,SIGNAL(clicked() ),this,SLOT(slotToggleAxisA()));
......@@ -298,14 +298,26 @@ class MovePlugin : public QObject, BaseInterface, MouseInterface, PickingInterfa
/// Show properties of move manipulator in a dialog
void showProps( );
/// Get properties dialog widget that is attached to BaseDataObject obj
movePropsWidget* getDialogWidget(BaseObjectData* _obj);
/// Get parent properties dialog widget of QPushButton but
movePropsWidget* getDialogFromButton(QPushButton* _but);
/** Override ContextMenuInterface slot in order to avoid appearance of
* context menu entry when clicking on other nodes (other than manpipulator nodes)
void slotUpdateContextMenuNode( int _nodeId );
/// Move context menu
QMenu* contextMenu_;
/// List of properties dialogs (each corresponding to one manipulator)
QList<movePropsWidget*> propsWindows_;
/// Context menu entry
QAction* contextAction_;
/** @} */
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