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add file format docu for shader mods

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......@@ -867,8 +867,34 @@ public:
/** \brief Load a modifier from file
* Shader Mod text file format:
* The file can begin with a glsl version directive (optionally):
* #version glsl_version
* The rest of the file contains glsl code blocks, which are separated by keywords.
* Each keyword must be at the beginning of a line. Furthermore they end on a colon ':'.
* The keyword defines the meaning of the following code block.
* IO code blocks are specified by the keywords:
* VertexIO:, TessControlIO:, TessEvalIO:, GeometryIO: and FragmentIO:
* example
* VertexIO:
* in vec3 customInputName;
* out vec3 custumOutputName;
* uniform vec4 param0;
* Shader code modifications are done via the keywords:
* VertexBeginCode:, VertexEndCode:, FragmentBeginCode: and FragmentEndCode:
* The returned modifier should not be deleted manually.
* @param _filename absolute or relative (from shaderdir) file name
* @return pointer to shader modifier, 0 if loading failed
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