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Updated documentation a bit for help file integration

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<QHelpCollectionProject version="1.0">
......@@ -81,20 +81,7 @@
* in your plugin's directory. You can now open the index.html to see it.
* When using doxygen >= 1.5.7 an additional .qch file (the filename can be specified
* in the <b>Doxyfile</b>) has been generated and copied to <b>OpenFlipper/Help/</b>
* in OpenFlipper's root directory. To integrate it into OpenFlipper's help browser
* go to <b>OpenFlipper/Help/</b> and open <b>Help.qhcp</b> in a text editor.
* Now add the line
* <br/><code><b>&lt;file&gt;plugin-doctest.qch&lt;/file&gt;</b></code><br/>
* under the <b>register</b> tag (note: <b>plugin-doctest.qch</b> has to be replaced
* with whatever filename you have chosen before). The file now should look like this:
* \include Help.qhcp
* Now (still in <b>OpenFlipper/Help/</b>) execute
* <br/><code><b>qcollectiongenerator Help.qhcp -o Help.qhc</b></code><br/>
* in OpenFlipper's root directory.
* Your documentation should now be available in OpenFlipper's help browser.
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