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added a small sample documenation page (with all relevant classes) for the new...

added a small sample documenation page (with all relevant classes) for the new rendering pipeline to be implemented for OpenFlipper

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......@@ -16,5 +16,6 @@ If you build OpenFlipper, the library will be automatically build and integrated
\li \subpage naming_conventions
\li \subpage compiling_ACG
\li \subpage pickingDocumentation
\li \subpage NonFixedPipelinePage
......@@ -256,6 +256,36 @@ protected:
/** \page NonFixedPipelinePage The non-fixed OpenGL rendering pipeline
On this page we will explain how to use the non-fixed (modern) OpenGL rendering pipeline in OpenFlipper.
First let us introduce the necessary classes.
\section baseNode The BaseNode in the Scenegraph
\section iRenderer The IRenderer interface
The IRenderer interface can be derived from and used to attach a RenderObject via the addRenderObject function from within each node within the Scenegraph that is
to be rendered.
\subsection renderObject Defining RenderObjects
The RenderObject class can be used to define the vertex buffer objects and set further information for the scene nodes.
\section vertexDeclaration Defining the layout of a vertex element
The VertexDeclaration class is used to specify the layout of a vertex element (VertexElement)
\section shaderGenerator Generating GLSL shaders
The ShaderGenerator class can be used to generate default GLSL shader code.
\note The main function is not generate and must therefore be provided via the buildShaderCode function
Via shader specific information stored in the ShaderGenDesc struct in the RenderObject attached to a scene node, we can specify the shader input and output
with the functions ShaderGenerator::initVertexShaderIO and ShaderGenerator::initFragmentShaderIO.
\subsection shaderCache The Shader Cache
The ShaderCache singleton.
\subsection glslShader The GLSL Shader
The Shader class is a helper class for building and using GLSL programs
} // namespace ACG
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