Commit 52f90c2e authored by Matthias Möller's avatar Matthias Möller
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fixed a bug which destroyed some meshes

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent 40040a14
......@@ -147,26 +147,25 @@ void MeshRepairPlugin::snapBoundary(MeshT *_mesh, double _eps)
double min = _eps;
typename MeshT::VertexHandle v_old;//will be replaced by v_new
typename MeshT::VertexHandle v_new;
typename std::vector<std::pair<typename MeshT::VertexHandle,double> >::iterator used_vertex = vertexDistMap.end();
typename std::vector<std::pair<typename MeshT::VertexHandle,double> >::iterator v_oldIter = vertexDistMap.end();
typename std::vector<std::pair<typename MeshT::VertexHandle,double> >::iterator v_newIter;
//find next min pair
for (typename std::vector<std::pair<typename MeshT::VertexHandle,double> >::iterator vd_iter = vertexDistMap.begin(); vd_iter != vertexDistMap.end(); ++vd_iter)
typename MeshT::VertexHandle v_1 = vd_iter->first;
if (v_1.is_valid() && !_mesh->status(v_1).deleted() && _mesh->is_boundary(v_1))
if (v_1.is_valid() && !_mesh->status(v_1).deleted() && vertexVertexMap.find(v_1) != vertexVertexMap.end())
typename MeshT::VertexHandle v_2;
std::vector<std::pair<typename MeshT::VertexHandle,double> >& verticesInRange = vertexVertexMap[v_1];
bool validPair = false;
unsigned i = 0;
while(i < verticesInRange.size() && !validPair)
for (typename std::vector<std::pair<typename MeshT::VertexHandle,double> >::iterator iter = verticesInRange.begin(); iter != verticesInRange.end(); ++iter)
//check if v_2 shares a face with v_1
//if so, it is not usable
v_2 = verticesInRange[i].first;
v_2 = iter->first;
for(typename MeshT::VertexFaceIter vf_iter = _mesh->vf_begin(v_1); vf_iter && v_2.is_valid(); ++vf_iter)
for (typename MeshT::FaceVertexIter fv_iter = _mesh->fv_begin(vf_iter.handle()); fv_iter && v_2.is_valid(); ++fv_iter)
......@@ -176,39 +175,31 @@ void MeshRepairPlugin::snapBoundary(MeshT *_mesh, double _eps)
validPair = v_2.is_valid() && !_mesh->status(v_2).deleted() && _mesh->is_boundary(v_2);
//if v_2 is valid, save it, or erase it if not, because v_2 will not be valid in the future
if (validPair)
if (validPair && iter->second <= min)
if(verticesInRange[i].second <= min)
//new min pair found
min = verticesInRange[i].second;
v_old = v_1;
v_new = v_2;
finished = false;
used_vertex = vd_iter;
//new min pair found
min = iter->second;
v_old = v_1;
v_new = v_2;
finished = false;
v_oldIter = vd_iter;
v_newIter = iter;
//erase the entry, because the vertex will be erased when it is merged
if (used_vertex != vertexDistMap.end())
//merge, if not finished (pair found)
if (!finished)
//remove the vertex since we will proceed with it
//save all faces, because faces will be added/deleted
std::vector<typename MeshT::FaceHandle> faces;
for (typename MeshT::VertexFaceIter vf_iter = _mesh->vf_begin(v_old); vf_iter; ++vf_iter)
if (!_mesh->status(vf_iter).deleted())
//replace v_old with v_new by creating new faces with v_new instead of v_old if possible
for (typename std::vector<typename MeshT::FaceHandle>::iterator f_iter = faces.begin(); f_iter !=faces.end(); ++f_iter)
......@@ -233,17 +224,19 @@ void MeshRepairPlugin::snapBoundary(MeshT *_mesh, double _eps)
//failed, try reverse direction
faceH = _mesh->add_face(newFace_vertices);
if (!faceH.is_valid())
//failed, so add the old one
//erase the vertex
if (_mesh->is_isolated(v_old))
//todo: delete vertex before proceed. Now, they will be deleted at the end resulting worse snap
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