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......@@ -66,16 +66,24 @@ static std::vector< Viewer::ViewerProperties* > viewerProperties_;
/// TODO : Remove this variable and implement multiView correctly here
static glViewer* examiner_widget_;
/// Contains the currently active examiner
static unsigned int activeExaminer_ = 0;
/** \brief DONT USE DIRECTLY!!
* The pointer to the beginning of the scenegraph nodes ( only visible part )
* Between the actual root node ( sceneGraph_root_node_ ) and this node global nodes could be added
* This pointer is internally used to access the scenegraphs root node
static SeparatorNode* root_node_;
/** \brief Scenegraph root node
static SeparatorNode* sceneGraph_root_node_;
/** \brief a dummy properties object returned as a reference if the real object does not exist
static Viewer::ViewerProperties dummyProperties;
void setDataRoot( BaseObject* _root ) {
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