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Documentation fixes. closes #2005

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......@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ public:
* Alternatively allocates an internal buffer only, such that data can be provided via setAttrib().
* @param _attrIdx Attribute id from VertexDeclaration
* @param _num Number of attributes
* @param _data Input data buffer, may be null to only
* @param _data Input data buffer, may be null to only allocate an internal buffer
* @param _stride Offset difference in bytes to the next attribute in _data. Default value 0 indicates no data alignment/memory packing.
* @param _internalCopy Create an internal buffer and make a copy _data
* @param _fmt data format of one element (must be set if input data does not match vertex declaration)
......@@ -248,13 +248,13 @@ public:
void setAttribVec(int _attrIdx, int _num, const void* _data, int _stride = 0, bool _internalCopy = false, GLuint _fmt = 0, int _elementSize = -1);
/** set one single vertex
setVertices with internalCopy = true must be called before
to have an effect
/** Set single custom input attributes.
* An internal buffer for the requested attribute must be allocated before using this function. See setAttribVec()
* @param _attrIdx Attribute id from VertexDeclaration
* @param _v Buffer id of the single attribute
* @param _data attribute data
void setVertex(int _v, float* _f);
void setVertex(int _v, float _x, float _y, float _z, float _w);
void setAttrib(int _attrIdx, int _v, const void* _data);
/** @} */
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