Commit 7b5f976e authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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- Added python output textedit to python widget

- Finished datacontrol python interface
parent 0642a748
OpenFlipper @ 6cdb88d8
Subproject commit cec408c34d0888b829b0c7780d858d2fb6b2e28c
Subproject commit 6cdb88d81da4bf5ad4ccb2f75313b29286af513e
Plugin-Datacontrol @ ff8e14a2
Subproject commit 5dc7dc528dac998675a3c6c0663d30fb497b4630
Subproject commit ff8e14a2b0776bb607dc3a7993646d5f3470a3ca
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