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Wrote a few words about file loading and object insertion.

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* \section geometryData Handling geometry data within a plugin
* \subsection Adding and removing mesh objects in OpenFlipper
* If you want to load geometry data from a file or simply add objects to the scene
* from within a plugin, it has to implement the \ref LoadSavePlugin interface.
* LoadSaveInterface::load( QString _file, DataType _type, int& _id) tries to
* load file with file name _file of type _type, _id contains the new created
* object's id or -1 if loading failed. OpenFlipper will then create all
* the necessary scene graph nodes such that the developer generally does
* not need to know in detail how to create the required nodes.
* Otherwise if a file has been loaded externally, slot
* LoadSaveInterface::openedFile (int _id) is called.
* When removing objects from the scene, the plugin simply has to call
* LoadSaveInterface::deleteObject(int _id)
* or
* LoadSaveInterface::deleteAllObjects() in order to clear the scene.
* \subsection pluginFunctions OpenFlipper's plugin functions
* As a plugin in most cases operates on geometry data, developers might want to know how to gain access to mesh data
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