Commit 9f21f9ac authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Merge branch 'add_noise' into 'master'

Add noise

See merge request !337
parents e96a2853 cfd0e0ad
......@@ -234,3 +234,6 @@
path = PluginCollection-Selection
url =
branch = master
[submodule "Plugin-Noise"]
path = Plugin-Noise
url =
OpenFlipper @ f3cf9818
Subproject commit 2d469a90529603e674a47e143ebeeeb0d5c6c995
Subproject commit f3cf98183ffe75cab7d45960d2ee49618f3e4e14
Plugin-Noise @ 7aaf09da
Subproject commit 7aaf09da3a8eebf8d066af08f19bf25e6dd3e89e
Type-SplatCloud @ 14846061
Subproject commit 9a8e506c4fc25e761482ba9494fb4eb9686734c4
Subproject commit 14846061edbd0352b80f1c23185eb9395c0fed1a
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