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Latest NEWS
- 12/28/2016: Moved ObjectTypes into separate Libraries
- Plugins have to specify their used types in the cmake file (TYPES / OPT_TYPES e.g. TYPES TRIANGLEMESH ), defines (e.g. ENABLE_TRIANGLEMESH_SUPPORT) are added automatically
- Plugins will not be compiled if an ObjectType is missing (Excluding OPT_TYPES of course)
- In an ObjectType you have to do the following replaces
* sed -i s/GlobalDefines.hh/ObjectTypeDLLDefines.hh/g *.hh
- A cmake file has to be created in the ObjectType directory containing only include(type)
- 12/12/2016: Moved MeshTools into libs_required (Will be moved to Mesh Datatype when the type linking is changed)
- 12/12/2016: Redistributables for Visual Studio removed (Now in library Management repository)
- 12/12/2016: Moved tests directory into OpenFlipper subdir
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