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Updated qwt on ci on linux

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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ if [ "$QTVERSION" == "QT4" ]; then
elif [ "$QTVERSION" == "QT5" ]; then
echo "Building with QT5";
OPTIONS="$OPTIONS -DFORCE_QT4=FALSE -DQWT6_INCLUDE_DIR=~/sw/qwt-6.1/include -DQWT6_LIBRARY_DIR=~/sw/qwt-6.1/lib -DQWT6_LIBRARY=~/sw/qwt-6.1/lib/ -DQT5_INSTALL_PATH=/ACG/acgdev/gcc-4.0-x86_64/qt-5.5.0/5.5/gcc_64"
OPTIONS="$OPTIONS -DFORCE_QT4=FALSE -DQWT6_INCLUDE_DIR=~/sw/qwt-6.1.2-qt5/include -DQWT6_LIBRARY_DIR=~/sw/qwt-6.1.2-qt5/lib -DQWT6_LIBRARY=~/sw/qwt-6.1.2-qt5/lib/ -DQT5_INSTALL_PATH=/ACG/acgdev/gcc-4.0-x86_64/qt-5.5.0/5.5/gcc_64"
echo "Building with path: build-release-$BUILDPATH"
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