Commit b605a147 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Merge branch 'blockSceneGraphUpdates' into 'master'

Added signals slot to block scenegraph updates

See merge request !42
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......@@ -122,6 +122,17 @@ class BaseInterface {
virtual void updateView() {};
/** \brief Tell the core to prevent scenegraph updates.
* Emit this Signal if you want to skip scenegraph updates. E.g. if you add a large number of objects
* or modify them it's much more efficient to block scenegraph updates until you finished and then
* do only one update run.
* The function itself is counting the number of blocks internally to allow multiple plugins for concurrent
* blocks. The function is queued to ensure that it is processed in line with load save operations.
virtual void blockScenegraphUpdates(bool _block) {};
/** \brief An object has been changed or added by this plugin
* Emit this Signal, if you updated any part of an object.\n
......@@ -934,7 +934,14 @@ void Core::updateUI() {
void Core::blockScenegraphUpdates(bool _block) {
if (_block)
......@@ -650,6 +650,9 @@ public slots:
/// Called when a plugin requests an update in the viewer
void updateView();
/// Called when a plugin wants to lock or unlock scenegraph updates
void blockScenegraphUpdates(bool _block);
/// process events during script execution to keep the ui alive
void updateUI();
......@@ -875,6 +875,8 @@ void Core::loadPlugin(const QString& _filename,const bool _silent, QString& _lic
if ( checkSignal(plugin,"updateView()") )
connect(plugin,SIGNAL(updateView()),this,SLOT(updateView()), Qt::AutoConnection);
if ( checkSignal(plugin,"blockScenegraphUpdates(bool)") )
connect(plugin,SIGNAL(blockScenegraphUpdates(bool)),this,SLOT(blockScenegraphUpdates(bool)), Qt::QueuedConnection);
if ( checkSignal(plugin,"updatedObject(int)") && checkSignal(plugin,"updatedObject(int,const UpdateType&)") ){
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