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Christopher: New MeshCompiler and DrawMesh versions.

closes #1968
closes #1389
closes #1008

Major step for
refs #1658

Improves buffer generation speed (~10 % faster on a 2.5M Mesh)
refs #1224

refs #355

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......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@
#include <ACG/Config/ACGDefines.hh>
#include <ACG/GL/GLState.hh>
#include <ACG/GL/IRenderer.hh>
#include <ACG/GL/MeshCompiler.hh>
//== FORWARDDECLARATIONS ======================================================
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ public:
unsigned int getNumTris() const {return numTris_;}
unsigned int getNumVerts() const {return numVerts_;}
unsigned int getNumSubsets() const {return numSubsets_;}
unsigned int getNumSubsets() const {return meshComp_->getNumSubsets();}
/** \brief measures the size in bytes of allocated memory.
......@@ -316,24 +316,6 @@ private:
void rebuild();
/** \brief Convert from halfedge data structure to triangle index list
* \note Only operates on indices
* @param _dstIndexBuf pointer to the resulting index buffer
* @param _maxFaceVertexCount maximum number of vertices per face seen in mesh
* @return number of triangles, also fills triToFaceMap
unsigned int convertToTriangleMesh(unsigned int* _dstIndexBuf, unsigned int _maxFaceVertexCount);
/** \brief create the big 3 * NumTris vertex buffer
* @param _dstVertexBuf [out] pointer to the resulting vertex buffer
* @param _dstVertexMap [out] pointer to the resulting vertex map
* @param _indexBuf [in] pointer to the original index buffer, which is not needed anymore after this call
void createBigVertexBuf(Vertex* _dstVertexBuf, unsigned int* _dstVertexMap, const unsigned int* _indexBuf);
/** \brief reads a vertex from mesh_ and write it to _pDst
* @param _pDst [out] pointer to the resulting vertex
......@@ -346,69 +328,17 @@ private:
const typename Mesh::HalfedgeHandle _hh,
const typename Mesh::FaceHandle _fh);
/** \brief
/** \brief return a vertex color from mesh
* @param _vh mesh vertex handle
void removeIsolatedVerts();
unsigned int getVertexColor(const typename Mesh::VertexHandle _vh);
/** \brief minimize the big vertex buffer
* @param _dstVertexBuf [out] pointer to the resulting vertex buffer
* @param _srcVertexBuf [in] pointer to the big vertex buffer
* @param _dstIndexBuf [out] pointer to the resutling index buffer
* @param _dstVertexMap [out] pointer to the resulting vertex map (new -> old vertex)
* @param _srcVertexMap [in] pointer to the previously used vertex map (new -> old vertex)
* @param _duplicatesMap [out] maps from a duplicate vertex to it's first occurrence (OpenMesh vertex indices)
* @return new number of vertices
unsigned int weldVertices(Vertex* _dstVertexBuf,
const Vertex* _srcVertexBuf,
unsigned int* _dstIndexBuf,
unsigned int* _dstVertexMap,
const unsigned int* _srcVertexMap,
std::list< std::pair<unsigned int, unsigned int> >& _duplicatesMap);
/** \brief sort triangles by material id
* also creates subsets: subsets_
* _dstIndexBuf and _srcIndexBuf must be different!
* @param _dstIndexBuf [out] pointer to the resulting index buffer
* @param _srcIndexBuf [in] pointer to the index buffer about to be sorted
void sortTrisByMaterial(unsigned int* _dstIndexBuf, const unsigned int* _srcIndexBuf);
/** \brief GPU cache optimization
* _dstIndexBuf == _srcIndexBuf allowed (inplace operation)
* tris are optimized based on subsets
* SortTrisByMaterial must be called prior!!
* also maintains triToFaceMap_
* @param _dstIndexBuf [out] pointer to the resulting index buffer
* @param _srcIndexBuf [in] pointer to the unoptimized index buffer
void optimizeTris(unsigned int* _dstIndexBuf, unsigned int* _srcIndexBuf);
/** \brief optimize vertex layout
* for best results, call this after optimizeTris
* also maintains vertexMap_,
* NOTE: _srcVertexMap is invalid after this call
* _srcVertexBuf != _dstVertexBuf!!
/** \brief return a face color from mesh
* @param _dstVertexBuf [out] pointer to the resulting vertex buffer
* @param _srcVertexBuf [in] pointer to the source vertex buffer
* @param _inOutIndexBuf [in, out] pointer to the index buffer, altered by this function
* @param _srcVertexMap [in] pointer to the vertex map (new -> old vertex)
* @param _fh mesh face handle
void optimizeVerts(Vertex* _dstVertexBuf,
const Vertex* _srcVertexBuf,
unsigned int* _inOutIndexBuf,
const unsigned int* _srcVertexMap);
unsigned int getFaceColor(const typename Mesh::FaceHandle _vh);
/** \brief eventually update vertex and index buffers
......@@ -646,11 +576,12 @@ private:
* returns the number of tris after triangulation of this mesh
* if needed, also returns the highest number of vertices of a face
* @param _pOutMaxPolyVerts
* @param _pOutMaxPolyVerts max face size
* @param _pOutNumIndices total number of indices
* @return number of triangles
unsigned int countTris(unsigned int* _pOutMaxPolyVerts = 0);
unsigned int countTris(unsigned int* _pOutMaxPolyVerts = 0, unsigned int* _pOutNumIndices = 0);
/** \brief get the texture index of a triangle
......@@ -661,11 +592,33 @@ private:
int getTextureIDofTri(unsigned int _tri);
/** \brief get the texture index of a face
* @param _tri Face index (-1 if not available)
* @return Face index of a triangle
int getTextureIDofFace(unsigned int _face);
/** \brief get the data type of a mesh property
* @param _prop mesh property data
* @param _outType [out] data type i.e. GL_FLOAT, GL_DOUBLE
* @param _outSize [out] number of atoms in range 1..4
* @param _outStride [out] size in bytes
template<class Prop>
void getMeshPropertyType(Prop _propData, GLuint* _outType, int* _outSize, int* _outStride);
/// OpenMesh object to be rendered
Mesh& mesh_;
MeshCompiler* meshComp_;
size_t numTris_, numVerts_;
/// final index buffer used for rendering
......@@ -683,10 +636,6 @@ private:
size_t prevNumFaces_,prevNumVerts_;
// per material/texture subsets
unsigned int numSubsets_;
Subset* subsets_;
GLuint vbo_,
......@@ -717,14 +666,6 @@ private:
int bVBOinHalfedgeNormalMode_;
/** remapping for faster mesh change updates
* maps from triangle index to Mesh::FaceHandle::idx
unsigned int* triToFaceMap_;
/// vertex index in vbo -> original OpenMesh halfedge index
unsigned int* vertexMap_;
/** inverse vertex map: original OpenMesh vertex index -> one vertex index in vbo
this map is ambiguous and only useful for per vertex attributes rendering i.e. lines!
......@@ -752,7 +693,6 @@ private:
// temporal buffer allocations to avoid memory requests while updating
unsigned int* indicesTmp_;
Vertex* verticesTmp_;
......@@ -891,8 +831,15 @@ private:
normal /= count;
return normal;
typename Mesh::HalfedgeHandle mapToHalfedgeHandle(int _vertexId);
void initMeshCompiler();
template<class Prop>
void setMeshCompilerInput(int _attrIdx, Prop _propData, int _num);
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This diff is collapsed.
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